Banks and other financial institutions typically take three to five days to process a cheque, a length of time that can be annoying and inconvenient. When you need to cash superannuation, government, tax, TAB, insurance, Australian pokie or casino cheque immediately, Cheque Cashers is here to get the job done.

We offer a service called Mobile Cheque Cashing where we can give you instant cash for cheques in Melbourne – North or West, East or South, we serve the entire Melbourne area. This service is available by appointment 7 days per week. We understand the necessity of getting your cash in hand as soon as possible and our services are designed to get you your cash exactly when you want it.

We Offer Instant Cash for Cheques in West or North Melbourne

The process is simple: we first ensure that the cheque is eligible and ensure that the customer identification verification criteria are correct; we can get you instant cash for cheques in North Melbourne, at any location that works best for you. Our transactions meet all required laws and we promise the utmost privacy and confidentiality in our transactions.

If you just received a cheque from the government, we can cash it with a single phone call. When you had a lucky day at the casino, reap the benefits of your luck on the same day and reward yourself with cash in hand. If you have just received your tax cheque, you deserve the convenience of not having to wait for 3-5 days like you would with a bank. Even if it’s in the middle of the night, in North or West Melbourne, at a shopping centre or in a parking lot, we will meet you and exchange cash for your cheque there on the spot.

Offering the Best in Safety, Convenience, and Privacy

We understand the importance of privacy and confidentiality. If you need instant cash in West Melbourne, we can meet you there with the assurance that you will receive the confidentiality that you desire. We’re reliable in that we can get you your cash any time of the day, any day of the week. If you had a late-night run at the casino, get your cash instantly. If you have an Australian pokie cheque, cash that night with no one knowing besides yourself.

Forget the stress of cashing a cheque at a bank and having to endure the long waiting time. Whether it’s for financial obligations, or simply for fun, we can get you the cash you need with minimal stress. East, West, South, or North, anywhere in Melbourne is open to our services. Receive instant cash in Melbourne within hours of receiving your cheque. Call today on 1300 412 347.

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