There’s no better feeling than having a lucky day at the casino or gaming lounge. Everything seems to be going your way, the amount you’ve won keeps increasing and when the night is coming to a close, you have a welcome additional amount of spending money. The problem is, you want that cash in hand now. Instead, you have a pokie cheque and you’re left with the prospect of a 3-5 day wait if you cash it at a bank or any other financial institution. That’s okay; Cheque Cashers offers a solution. Cheque Cashers offers a service called Mobile Cheque Cashing. We can meet you by appointment 7 days per week. So if your winnings occur in the middle of the night or the middle of the day, give us a call and we can cash pokie cheques in North Melbourne, West Melbourne, South Melbourne or East Melbourne.

We Can Easily Cash Pokie Cheques in Melbourne

So you ask: how can I get cash for my pokies cheque? The answer is simple, just give us a call. Our services are private, secure and confidential. If you want to make the transaction late at night, that’s okay we’ll meet you wherever is most convenient for you.

Once we verify the legibility of the cheque and we clear customer identification verification criteria, the money is as good as yours. You shouldn’t have to wait for days – you had a lucky day and the process of cashing a cheque shouldn’t ruin it.

We Offer Other Chequing Services as Well

If you have recently received your tax cheque and have some bills that need paying, we offer cheque cashing services for tax cheques as well. If you recently received your government cheque and are stuck in North Melbourne, we’ll meet you there to cash it. Do you have a business cheque from work? We offer limited services for those as well.

On top of pokie, tax, government and business cheques, we also offer cheque cashing services for superannuation, TAB and insurance cheques. The only cheques we don’t cash are personal, but for those big nights at the casino, we’re ready to suit your needs. So in response to your question of how can I get cash for my pokies cheque, the answer is to simply give us a call. Whether it’s in North Melbourne or West Melbourne, at any time of the day or night, we can meet you and provide you with a quick, easy, private and confidential cheque cashing service that will save you from going through the tedious process of cashing your cheque at the bank. So celebrate that lucky night at the casino. Get the cash in hand as soon as possible. Call at 1300 412 347, anytime on any day and receive the kind of service that stands apart from other means of cashing your cheque.

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