Mobile Cheque Cashing​

Cheque Cashers provide our customers a service known as Mobile Cheque Cashing.

We will meet with our customers at any safe and secure location within and around the Melbourne C.B.D. where we give them cash in exchange for their cheques. We give our customers the convenience and safety of turning their cheques into instant cash.

We offer our eligible customers the benefit of instant cash without having to wait the mandatory 3-5 business working days through a bank deposit. We also adhere to and enforce strict privacy laws in relation to any information and identification provided.

Once the cheque eligibility and the customer identification verification criteria is fulfilled, we will make arrangements to meet our customers at a confirmed address and time of earliest convenience.

We cash a wide variety of cheques, including Superannuation, Tax, TAB, Insurance cheques, Government Cheques, Australian Pokies, Casino and some business cheques. Call us now on 1300 412 347 for more information, and receive cash for your cheques instantly.

*Strictly no personal cheque enquiries will be entertained.