There are many reasons why you might need access to cash right away, but when all you have is a cheque in hand, you know that getting your money is going to take a few days. Is that really necessary? If you live in Melbourne and are within 30 kilometres of the Central Business District, you’re in luck! Cheque Cashers offers a 7 days per week, available by appointment, mobile cheque cashing service to Melbourne that is both convenient and discreet. Taking your cheque to the bank and cashing it there can result in delays of several business days. In the worst-case scenario, it may be a whole calendar week before your money is credited to your account. Whether you’ve got a big tax check that’s just come in or you hit it big at the pokies and you’re eager to get back to it, Cheque Cashers offers a mobile service that comes to you for a safe, secure exchange. Once we verify your identity, we’ll be on our way with cash on hand to give you in return for your cheques!

Mobile Cheque Cashing up to 30km from Melbourne CBD
Our goal is to provide a service that is not only convenient but reliable, safe and above all else, discreet. Our mobile cheque cashing service reaches North Melbourne and the surrounding area with ease. For those outside of our service area, please give us a call for a mobile travel quote. We serve many of Melbourne’s suburbs with our convenient service. Please take note of the cheques that we can cash for you, which include government cheques, TAB, insurance, superannuation and casino cheques. We also accept a very limited number of business cheques, but please be aware that strictly no personal cheques will be entertained! To calculate the payout for your cheque, please visit our homepage and enter the amount of your cheque and your suburb.

When you call us, we spring into action to get you cash as fast as possible. Because we cash cheques by appointment 7 days per week in Melbourne, there is never a bad time to call! Whether it’s the afternoon and your cheque just arrived in the mail or late at night after you hit it big on the pokies, we are mobile and available to serve you with the money you require. After confirming your identity, we arrange to meet you at a location of your preference to exchange your cheques for hard cash.

Safe, efficient, and discreet, we care about our customers

Discretion is our priority and customer satisfaction our goal. Though we cash cheques by appointment 7 days per week for Melbourne, we never compromise on safety or security. You can count on our discretion when you need it most. All transactions are kept in the strictest confidence to ensure that your privacy is respected. We are in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations so you can use our service to cash your cheques by appointment 7 days per week with confidence. Give us a call now on 1300 412 347 to collect your cash!

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